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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


During the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC this year (2012), the Gallows were there…….and they were not stopped - nor were they questioned………

WBTV and Fox news each ran a story on the Gallows…and the reason for the Gallows…..but not the WHOLE story. The link to both stories is below….

How far would you go to protect your family? How far would you go to tell a story if your family was wronged….and prosecuted without just cause? What if they took away your CIVIL RIGHTS? What would you do if someone tried to kill your father, murdered your brother….and beat your mother? Would you want your story to be told and those responsible to be brought to justice…? EVEN IF those responsible were those who were supposed to be upholding the law?

In 1963, Mr. & Mrs. Phipps purchased 13 acres of land in NC. This was land they wanted to live on….where they wanted to raise their children…Land they believed they owned free and clear….until they realized they had been betrayed by a member of their own family and by the justice system they so longed believed in….the justice system that would later betray them in the worst manner it could – by placing those innocent in prison and leaving those guilty out on the streets.

The Gallows represents injustices…..injustices that have been continuing throughout Duplin County and North Carolina for over 40 years……injustices that include murder and corruption…..The Phipps family has fought for their rights for over 40 years…rights that due to corrupt sheriffs, lawyers, and judges, have been trampled and stamped upon time after time…….

Rights that need to be and should be….brought to light and corrected...

The preceding two posts state a small portion of the story…the story that began in 1963…and still has not ended. The latest part of the story is a dismissal of charges on 09/27/2012, dismissal due to, and quoted: “The state cannot prove the above crime beyond a reasonable doubt at this time. The state has to prove who the owner of the disputed land in question is. At the time of the filing of this dismissal, there have been no markers set on the land, no survey completed and recorded, nor any civil action pursued. The state prosecuted and tried in district court a virtually identical case with the same defendant, victim, land, and criminal allegations in file numbers 11cr50895-96. At the close the of the state’s case, the Judge dismissed the case for failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the owner of the land. The above case deals with the same issue in which the 2011 case was dismissed by the Judge for lack of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The state has notified the victim B Grady and the Duplin County Sheriff’s Department of our reasons and decisions to dismiss this case at this time.”….

How many times are the corrupt officials of Duplin County NC going to try the same family for a crime that was never committed?